Fabrica aloe Penca Zabila

At Penca Zábila we have the most advanced aloe vera factory equipped with an exclusive integral cold tunnel WITHOUT AIR during the production process with which we achieve pure aloe gel and juice free of bacteria and of a unique quality.

Our main advantage is to offer the inside of the aloe leaves, pure and unaltered pulp in our products, thus reproducing the properties of the most select premium leaves, the best organic aloe plants and the most effective variety in our Aloe Juice and Gel. , bringing the consumer authentic fresh, pure and natural aloe, which contains the most faithful, complete essence of the mother plant itself and all its active ingredients.

Our aloe JUICE and GEL contain 2.7 kg of fresh leaves in each liter packaged, with 99.7% purity, just 3 tenths of nature and organically grown. All our production processes are directed by our expert aloe vera biologist with more than 20 years of experience in the production and cultivation of aloe vera and controlled by independent laboratories.

Our aloe does not contain added water and is stabilized with the minimum expression of preservatives and the results are unquestionable: Analyzes carried out by specialized independent laboratories show that we multiply the presence of acemannan by four, double the amount of solids present and offer much higher levels of malic acid and glucose established by the IASC, parameters that confirm the extreme quality of our aloe rated as one of the best in the world.

Our production technique using consecutive filtering prevents the presence of undesirable compounds such as aloin, dantrone, emodin or aloe-emodin. Likewise, and due to the absence of dehydrated products in our production, our aloe does not contain traces of acrylamides, nor the presence of roots, soil, skins, quills, or any other environmental contaminant or waste, because we only process the pulp of select premium organic leaves that have been subjected, one by one, to scrupulous manual washing, disinfection, cutting and peeling.

Never we subject our resulting aloe pulp to the destructive but common thermal processes of baking, burning or pasteurization that the vast majority of products on the market made from dehydrated and/or pasteurized products use, so our aloe does keep the fragile but powerful properties of aloe.

Pure, fresh and natural aloe from organic farming under the strictest manufacturing standards we handcraft Aloe Juice and Gel. Only Fresh, Pure and Natural Aloe Vera from organic farming in the Canary Islands.

All our products are fresh, natural and pure

To guarantee the freshness and quality of our products from the moment they leave our aloe vera factory in Tenerife, we package them in smoked black glass bottles with a dispenser and non-refillable safety system and in HDPE2 containers with maximum food safety and 100% recyclable, even equipped with anti-drip micro dosing valves, AirLess that preserve the entire properties of our aloe.

Extraction process in the aloe vera factory in Tenerife

Aloe fabrica

The production process in our TeideAloe aloe vera factory in Tenerife is artisanal to take care of its essence of purity and freshness and is subject to the strictest European manufacturing standards, under the control of our expert Aloe Vera Biologist and audited by independent laboratories. . In this way, we ensure the permanence of the active ingredients of our aloe vera, achieving the highest quality that exists.

Cutting the aloe leaves

In 100% organic aloe vera crops we select 60cm and 700g-1Kg aloe leaves from 12 to 20 year old mother plants and we harvest only four leaves that we cut from the point closest to the base, the longest-lived, which concentrate the greater amount of principles and nutrients.

Transport and washing of aloe vera

From kilometer 0 we immediately transport the aloe leaves to our aloe vera factory to maintain their maximum freshness and preserve their properties. Next, they are placed in pools of cold water and submerged for 24 hours, subjected to various manual washing processes until the aloin and impurities are removed.

Cutting, peeling and shredding the leaves

When the aloe vera leaves are clean, we manually remove the tips, sides and bases of the aloe vera leaves. They are then introduced, one by one, into our peeling machine where the skins are removed and we obtain the pulp that enters directly into the hopper of the cold airless tunnel, thus preventing any oxidation and impurities, where only the pure pulp is crushed in several sequences. and emulsified.

Homogenization of aloe vera

This is another key part of the process in our aloe vera factory, grinding it until it loses its consistency and the gel is achieved. Once achieved, we add natural products that help us avoid oxidation so that it is preserved for longer. Finally, with a helical pump we transfer the aloe to the regulating tanks and then to the filtration equipment.

Filtering and packaging

With the different equipment and filtering stages we eliminate most of the fibers and in accordance with the quality requirements of Penca Zábila. This point is the most delicate of the entire process. When we obtain the desired density point, it is transferred to the launching tanks and subsequently to the fillers, where it is kept until we do the final packaging.

If you liked our production process, do not hesitate to try the aloe products from our PENCA ZABILA factory in the Canary Islands.

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