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Aloe Gel

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Pure Aloe Vera Gel

In Penca Zabila we offer you pure aloe vera gel of the highest quality. Thanks to our own cultivation and the most advanced aloe vera factory, we can say that our products are pure, ecological and fresh.

Why buy pure Aloe Vera gel Penca Zábila?

Bacterial-free pure aloe gel

Our pure aloe vera gel, thanks to its cold stabilization with the exclusive technology of our factory in Tenerife, is free of bacteria since it has no contact with the air.To ensure that our 100% pure aloe vera does not have contact with the air throughout the extraction process, we use our integral cold tube without air.

Organic cultivation aloe vera gel

The pure aloe vera gel that you can buy in our online store comes from our ecological farms. Additionally, because we are experts in the planting of aloe, we plant this plant on land on the east coast of the Canary Islands that allow us to concentrate the properties of aloe.
We sow the aloe on terraces in vertical reliefs that allow an ideal exposure to the alder winds of the Canary Islands. Thanks to the fact that we grow all the organic pure aloe vera that we use in our products, we can guarantee the highest quality in our products.
Having an organic-grown aloe vera gel guarantees that it will not have pesticides or other components that are harmful to health.

✅  High concentration of pure aloe vera gel

So that our products contain all the properties of pure aloe vera gel in each liter, we use 2.7kg of fresh aloe vera leaves.In Penca Zábila we have products with the highest purity of aloe vera: 99.7%.

✅ Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

Our goal is to bring fresh and natural products to your home.To comply, at Penca Zábila we pack our products in opaque bottles of the latest generation HDPE2.Our 300ml containers have anti-drip dosing valves that help us take care of the properties of aloe vera.

✅ Aloe of the highest quality

To guarantee the quality of our pure aloe vera gel in the extraction process we choose sheets that measure more than 60 cm and weigh at least 700gr. Additionally, we only choose the leaves of the aloe plant that are closest to the ground.This is because these are the most mature and, therefore, the ones that have the most nutrients inside.

Pure aloe vera gel, only 3 tenths of nature

Our aloe vera gel does not contain carbomers, parabens, dyes, perfumes or paraffins. In addition, it is not pasteurized or comes from concentrates.

When buying your aloe vera gel in Penca Zábila you will not have to worry about anything because your shipment has free full insurance. If you make your purchase you will have free shipping and customs. With us you make your purchase and receive quality products without leaving home.

In addition, we also have other products.For those who want to enjoy the benefits of aloe from inside the body, we recommend the fresh pure juice of aloe vera 99.7% natural. In addition, we also have fresh aloe vera leaves, 3-year-old aloe vera plants or variants of pure aloe juices with palm honey or cactus added.

Authentic Aloe vera Puro Fresco de Canarias of Organic and 100% Natural cultivation with FREE SHIPPING, CUSTOMS and INSURANCE AT ALL RISKS included in So place your order now!