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Buy pure aloe vera

Do you want to buy pure aloe vera? In Penca Zábila we offer you the best products so you can enjoy the properties of aloe vera.This way, you will improve your health and maintain your beauty.

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous plants because it is rich in vitamin A, C, EB1, B2, B3, B6 and B12; as well as calcium, folic acid and minerals, among others. You can take advantage of aloe vera gel by external application or by consuming it.

When you go to buy pure aloe vera, remember to check the percentage of aloe that the product has. In this way, you will be sure that what you buy it transmits you all the properties of aloe vera.

Why buy pure aloe vera in Penca Zabila?

In Penca Zábila we offer you fresh organic Aloe from Canary Islands, made with 2.7 kilograms of fresh aloe leaves per liter packed. With us you will have 99.7% pure aloe.

Scientists at Spectral S. Laboratorium in Cologne (Germany) have certified our products as the best aloe vera in the world, thanks to the fact that in the analysis we obtained a concentration of 2884 ppm of Acemanano.
Our aloe vera is 100% natural, since it has no carbomers, parabens, dyes, perfumes, paraffins, flavorings, dehydrated or lyophilized powders, it is not pasteurized and no water is added. We guarantee all this thanks to the fact that we take care of the cultivation, manufacture and sale of everything you will find in our store.
To produce natural aloe of the best quality we carry out our cultivation in the southeast of Tenerife. There we have the ideal conditions to grow aloe. Our aloe vera does not come from greenhouses or sandy grounds.
Another reason to buy pure aloe vera in our store is that we guarantee that it will not rust due to the manufacturing process. We process all our products cold and airless thanks to the technology of our factory in Tenerife.

Advantages of buy pure aloe vera in our online store

If you decide to buy pure aloe vera in Penca Zabila you can enjoy the following advantages:

Free Delivery

You will not have any extra shipping costs. If you are in the Canary Islands and your purchase is more than 10 euros. On the contrary, if you are in the Peninsula or Balearic Islands, to enjoy this benefit your order must exceed 35 euros. For the rest of Europe UE the purchase must be over 100 euros for your shipment to be free

Europe UE Customs Free

When you make your purchases in Penca Zábila you don't have to worry about the cost of customs. In all orders with national delivery and throughout Europe UE customs will be free.

All Risk Insured

To protect all our customers we have an insurance that protects all the orders placed. In this way, they are sure that their products with aloe vera will arrive in perfect condition.

As you know. If you want to buy pure aloe vera from the Canary Islands, do not hesitate to place your order in Penca Zabila.