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The keys are found in the unique conditions of the Penca Zabila farms where Aloe is produced in the south-east of Tenerife: Volcanic lands from Teide at an altitude of 200 m, Dominant hards north-easterly Winds, influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the unique Microclimate which allows growth the best Aloe in the world, the pure Aloe Vera PENCA ZABILA, scientifically certified.

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Aloe Vera Penca Zabila grows in patches arranged in vertical relief for maximum exposure of each mother plant to the prevailing trade winds on the east coast of the Canary Islands, hardening the plant in a natural process every day, thus concentrating properties and active permanently in an endless process. The main appearance of Aloes are grown under ideal conditions is the turgidity of the leaves.

Our Aloe Vera plants are not from greenhouses or sandy soils.

2,7 Kilos of Fresh Leaves per each Liter of pure Aloe Vera processed:

For each liter of pure Aloe PENCA ZÁBILA are used 2.7 kg of Fresh Leaves of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller of the Canariensis subspecie, endemic in Canary Islands, the most potent of the planet

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