Aloe Vera Fresh Leaves

The best options to enjoy the benefits of fresh Aloe Vera Leaves

Aloe Vera leaves are the part of the plant that is most used.Because this vegetable is adapted to live in arid environments, its leaves are succulent, that is, they accumulate large amounts of water inside.They are large and thick, triangular in shape, and are often called pencas.They have characteristic teeth on the edges with which we must be careful when handling them so as not to prick ourselves.

Venta de Hojas de aloe vera

You may be wondering, and where exactly are the wonderful properties of Aloe Vera?The answer is inside these sheets.After the external green-grayish crust is the internal pulp, formed mostly by water and other molecules such as vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals, etc.

These compounds are those that have the coveted qualities and can be obtained by cutting the leaf and extracting the inner gel, which can last us up to a month at home with proper cold storage.

What to do to enjoy the Aloe Vera leaves??

Some people choose to plant Aloe Vera at home.However, this is not the best option because for the beneficial properties to the plant develop, it must take more than five years to mature and concentrate significant active principles. This is a very long period if what you want is to immediately obtain the benefits of the juice of this species.On the other hand, it is difficult to find the space necessary to place the pots in the home and grow properly, especially when we do not have terraces or gardens.Home cultivation of this species carries a series of requirements that, with the busy modern life, can take away valuable time that we may prefer to use in other aspects such as family, work or hobbies.A better alternative is to directly obtain mature leaves or mother plants with more than 10/12 years, such as those we offer in our Penca Zabila online store.

propiedades de Hojas de aloe vera

In addition to the advantage of the time and labor savings that you can get by acquiring the already developed pencas, you can gain in product quality since our farmland has unique characteristics.Our plants grow southeast of Tenerife, in volcanic lands of Teide.Here, the dominant trade winds, the influence of the Atlantic Sea and the present microclimate have allowed our Aloe Vera to be recognized as the best in the world through various scientific studies based on its qualities.These ideal growth conditions that are achieved in our Canarian lands make it almost impossible to match the quality of our product through home cultivation.

In short, if you are looking for the benefits of Aloe Vera leaves immediately and with the best guarantee, our organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller leaves, fresh are the best option:

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