Aloe Vera Penca Zabila

As you know, we have developed Pure Fresh Aloe which is scientifically considered the Best Aloe of the World by the Köln Spektral Laboratory in Germany with a concentration of 2884 ppm of Aloverase, the active healing principle of Aloe.Thanks for your trust in our products PENCA ZÁBILA® Canary Islands Aloe Vera.

Likewise, the scientific analyzes carried out by the Centro Atlántico del Medicamento on the commercial juice of Aloe Penca Zábila Envasado have again demonstrated that with an Acemannan content of 23.3% of the total solids, we are faced with an absolutely unusual concentration.

We have in Tenerife the most modern factory in Europe in production of Aloe Vera equipped, among other exclusive advantages, with an exclusive AIR-FREE COLD tunnel Penca Zábila® throughout the entire process of production which allows to obtain a fresh Pure Aloe free of bacteria And without contact with the air, and therefore of a quality unique in the world.

With our own farms in Fasnia, Tenerife, we guarantee an integral control of all the production phases, which are supervised by our Biologist who uses 2.7 Kilos of Aloe Barbadensis Miller Canariensis fresh leaves for each liter we pack.

We produce Aloe with double ecological qualification, Ecological Cultivation and Ecological Industry, which gives our products a special added value, guaranteeing that the Aloe Penca Zábila is authentic Aloe Ecological.

PENCA ZÁBILA® is one of the most certified brand of all that exist in the Aloe sector and the whole process of cultivation and processing of PENCA ZABILA® is managed and endorsed by our biologist and submitted to permanent control by independent laboratories.

Last generation containers that incorporate silicone valves that prevent the entry of oxygen, preserving intact the properties and benefits of our Aloe Vera until the end of its consumption. Smoked dark glass bottles to prevent oxidation by the direct light effect and to maintain the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients and with non-refillable dosing valve to guarantee the content and its better dosage to maintain the maximum effectiveness of the active principles. AirFresh boxes with window to keep our aloe vera plants without soil for months and fresh our leaves .... Always the latest technology to preserve the Aloe Vera Penca Zábila in Pure State.

From Penca Zábila thank you for your trust.