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¿Whats is Aloe Vera?

Aloe has more than 250 species of the Aloe genus, but the most beneficial plant is called Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It is not a cactus, but it belongs to the Liliaceae family and is considered the largest cellular regenerator that nature has given.

Frsh organic aloe vera


The scientific analyzes carried out by the Spectral S. Laboratorium fur Auftragsanalytik from Cologne in Germany to the Aloe Vera Penca Zábila ®, of the Canariensis variety, certify it as THE BEST ALOE VERA IN THE WORLD for having obtained 2884 p.p.m. of Acemanano, more than twice as active curative as the rest.

Likewise, the new scientific analysis carried out by the Centro Atlántico del Medicamento made to Aloe Penca Zábila Envasado Juice, have shown once again that, with an Acemanano content of 23.3% of the total solids, Penca Zábila is the Best Aloe in the World , scientifically proven.

The keys are in the unique conditions of the production farms southeast of Tenerife: Volcanic Lands under El Teide, dominant Trade Winds, the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and a unique Microclimate in the world that have allowed to create the best Aloe on the planet, the Pure Aloe Vera Penca Zábila.

The entire range of ALOE PURO PENCA ZÁBILA® products is PROCESSED IN COLD WITHOUT AIR (Exclusive Technology Penca Zábila ®) and is 100% ECOLOGICAL, possessing the seal of guarantee of the CRAE (Regulatory Board of Organic Agriculture) and is composed of:

  • ALOE PURO in JUEGO in containers of 300 ml and 1 Liter.
  • ALOE PURO in GEL containers of 300 ml and 1 Liter.
  • ALOE PURE JUICE with INDIAN TUNO in 300 ml and 500 ml containers.
  • ALOE PURE JUICE with HONEY from PALMA GOMERA in containers of 300 ml and 500 ml
  • ALIVE PLANTS  of ALOE VERA 2/3 years old
  • ALOE LEAVES for plants from 7/10 years old.

Aloe in PURE state, ALOE VERA to 99.7% to only 3 tenths of the nature. ALOE VERA 100% ECOLOGICAL from Ecological Cultivation certified nº 1928F of the Regulatory Council of Organic Farming of the Canary Islands (CRAE) and processed under the CRAE Ecological Industry Certificate 1929I.

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Traditional Uses:

Antitumor - Cell Regenerator - Acne - Wrinkles - Stains - Stretch marks - Open pores - Colitis - Ulcers - Irritable Colon - Gastritis - Arthritis - Rheumatism - Angina - Neck pain - Eyes - Ears - Dermatitis, Hair Loss - Allergies - Sunburn, by fire and electric - Wounds - Scars - Varicose veins - Cholesterol - Diabetes - Anti-aging- Psoriasis - Eczema - Athlete's foot - Muscle aches - Sinusitis - Painful nerves - ..........

Scientific foundations of its healing properties:

Of all the known plant species, none meets the wonderful healing properties of Aloe Vera.

"Aloe Vera has an anti-tumor effect because it is a cellular regenerator", the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, a non-profit scientific association that brings together 1600 oncology specialists, reported in a press release on September 27, 2012.

Currently, the most prestigious research centers in the world are working intensively on the study of medicinal plants in general.

Aloe Vera AIRLESS Process (Penca Zabila Tecnologia Exclusiva)

Thework is developed in interdisciplinary teams involving botanists, doctors, pharmacists, chemists, ethnologists.

In the case of Aloe Vera there are numerous studies that support its healing properties. One of them in charge of the "Institute of Science and Medicine" Linus Pauling in California, USA, reveals the beneficial effect of the consumption of Aloe Vera on the digestive system. It was scientifically determined that consuming Juice of Aloe Vera leaves daily, people who suffered the following conditions felt great improvement:

Irritable colon

The action of Aloe Vera Juice was very important as a healing and antacid in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers.
Other studies were conducted by the University of Chicago about the use of Aloe Vera in the treatment of burns. It was shown that the efficiency in these treatments is due to three factors that act together:
1. Components of the Aloe Vera plant have a structure similar to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), which in combination with magnesium, also present, make up an anesthetic effect.
2. Wide antimicrobial spectrum, favoring the asepsis of the burn, avoiding its infection.
3. Acts on the mechanism of prostaglandins through which cells maintain their integrity.
Studies conducted in Japan confirm the antioxidant properties of Aloe Vera.


  • Nutritious
  • Pain inhibitor
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Healing
  • Bactericide
  • Digestive
  • Depurative
  • Cell regenerator
  • Antibiotic
  • Antiseptic
  • Coagulant
  • Antiviral

Aloe Vera as prevention 

Even if you are in an excellent state of health, drinking pure Aloe juice in fasting frequently acts as a preventive of diseases, since it strengthens the immune system. It gives the body an energetic action, above all for its content in germanium, iron and titanium.
It is an excellent tonic with aphrodisiac properties. Remember that the use of Aloe Vera, is harmless in any part of the body, both ingested and applied externally.

Aloe Vera is very effective in the treatment of digestive disorders. Take in fasting, pure Aloe juice, lighten heartburn and heartburn. Take pure juice once or twice a day, acts as a general tonic and intestinal regulator.

Observations: All the procedures indicated in this study are based on the direct practice of Pure Aloe Vera. It also includes knowledge of this plant in traditional medicines of different social ethnicities in different parts of the world and information about Aloe studies published in publications and books of universities and institutions of the USA, Russia, Japan and others. countries


Aloe Vera skin gel

Skin treatment:

Wrinkles * Stains * Stretch marks * Open pores

Aloe penetrates the three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, expelling bacteria and fat deposits that clog pores. At the same time, the action of natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes stimulate the reproduction of new cells.
It is also an important cell regenerator, healing, toning and high skin penetration. When used regularly, it prevents premature wrinkles and delays those of age. Reduces the size of open pores, and can be used under makeup.

As Aloe is astringent, its use must be combined with a moisturizer.

It is an excellent ultraviolet sunscreen (along with the use of sunblock or sunscreen) and eliminates sun spots if used for a long period of time.

Aloe, used after shaving, gives good results because in a few moments it regenerates many of the cells broken by the passage of the razor blade. Thus, using Aloe in Gel after shaving will give a feeling of great relief. Likewise, in this sense it is very effective to use it after depilation: it prevents eruptions, pimples and redness, quickly closing the dilated pores.
It is also very effective in preventing or eliminating small stretch marks. The hydration of the skin with oil or cream after the Aloe has penetrated the skin is very important

Traditional Uses for Health:

Then we can see the different ailments that can be treated with Aloe Vera. Many of these treatments have already been covered with specific medications whose basis is Aloe:

Ulcers: We will have to take 40 ml of Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Juice in the morning on an empty stomach, and the same dose at night before going to sleep, until the symptoms disappear. Then we will reduce the amount by half. It is prudent to keep a low diet for a period of time, then progressively return to the normal diet.

Arthritis and rheumatism: Aloe is an anti-inflammatory similar to cortisone, but without its negative effects. Take Pure Aloe Juice Penca Zábila® every day, away from the pain of the joints.

Varicose veins: Varicose veins are usually very painful. The external application of Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila® in the affected area gives excellent results.

Psoriasis and eczematous eruptions: Psoriasis is a psychosomatic condition caused by an unbalanced life and by a special sensitivity in some people. For the treatment of psoriasis we have to drink 25 ml of Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Juice, fasting daily and apply Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe in Gel three times a day on the affected areas. The cure also requires the use of virgin olive oil cold pressed or some other moisturizer. Aloe makes a reaction similar to steroids, like cortisone, but without the negative effects of it.

aloe vera juice organic pure fresh

Acne: To treat acne with Aloe we must follow the following steps: clean the skin of your face well in the morning and at night. We have to be careful because there are many soaps that are very rough and we do not have to use greasy creams for the skin. We will apply Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila® two or three times a day.

The Aloe regenerates the tissues of the inner layers towards the outside and absorbs the excess of fat. This stimulates the deep layers of the skin. At the beginning of the treatment, the condition of the skin may be worse for a few days. You have to be patient. If Aloe is used regularly, it is effective to gradually reduce the scars caused by acne.

Apply the Aloe in the morning and at night for as long as necessary, a few months, it has to be constant. In this way, not only will it help reduce scars, but it will give health and color to the new skin. If we want the treatment to be more effective, drink some pure Aloca Juca Penca Zábila® juice in the morning.

Angina, neck pain: we will take some Pure Aloe Juice Penca Zábila® and we will have it in the mouth, gargling for a while before swallowing it. The fluid must be swallowed to get deeper penetration into the throat. It can be done frequently.

Eyes and ears: The eyes and ears are one of the most delicate organs of the body. For the eyes and the ears, a few drops of Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Juice make it soothe the pain and stay relaxed in a few minutes. Another treatment for the eyes is rubbing the eyelids with Pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel. It is very effective for the treatment of cataracts and for other diseases of the eyes.
After the excesses and diet: If you have the feeling of being full, after an excess of alcohol or you have heartburn due to a bad combination of foods, we should drink pure Aloca Juca Penca Zábila® Juice.

After the excesses and diet: If you have the feeling of being full, after an excess of alcohol or you have heartburn due to a bad combination of foods, we should drink pure Aloca Juca Penca Zábila® Juice.

In addition to this type of ailments, there are also studies that prove their effectiveness to strengthen the immune system, which inevitably has led many scientists and doctors to investigate treatments that fight AIDS with Aloe as the basis of such treatments.
So much so that Allen Hoffmann has developed a drug called T-UP, whose formula highly concentrated in aloe is able to improve the immune system. T-UP seems to have the ability to increase T lymphocytes and attack cancer, AIDS, herpes and other viruses as no product has ever done before.

Allergies: It is very strange, to be allergic to Aloe Vera. To know, nothing else has to be put a little on the lower arm, and if in a few minutes the treated area becomes red or itchy, it means we can not use it.

For those who have different allergic reactions, the application of Aloe reduces or eliminates the effects of the other reactions. A remedy for asthma, is rubbing the nostrils with a little Pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel and inspiring it in this way, we will reduce the discomfort.

Burns and hairs: Aloe is excellent as a first aid treatment. For pain and reduces the possibility of infections and scars, at the same time speeds up the healing process. Since ancient times, Aloe juice has been used as a tranquilizer, even in the most serious burns. We will apply continuously, Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila®, in the wound and thus we will avoid the possibility of infection, regenerating the cells with little or no pain.

Sunburn: For the treatment of minor burns, Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe in Gel is applied directly on the skin, noting the relief immediately. For larger burns, we will put enough pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel over the wound, thus avoiding the overheating of the cells. It will be applied as soon as possible.

Cuts and wounds: Aloe has always been popular in healing wounds and reducing scars. This old remedy is widely used: the wound is cleaned, Pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel is applied and fixed firmly with a bandage.

Healing of scars: For the reduction and possible elimination of scars, we must apply Pena Zábila® Pure Aloe Gel in the morning and at night. Some months of application are necessary, do not be impatient. Vitamin E is also very effective and can be combined with it.

Insect bites, jellyfish, nettles, etc .: When the sting of any insect occurs, we must apply as soon as possible, Penca Pure Aloe Gel Zábila® on it. We will gradually notice the reduction of pain and a quick recovery.

Scratches: Apply Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Gel to the affected area. The application will be done frequently during the first 24 hours. It reduces pain and quickly cures these types of wounds.

Gel Juice aloe vera products

Itching: There is a discomfort that is located on the inside of the legs and in the inglinal. The heating and fraction favor irritation. If we apply the Pure Aloe Penca Zábila® Gel twice a day, it usually disappears in a day or two.

Athlete's foot: It is a fungal infection, more often in men and especially in summer. The application will be done with a gauze soaked with Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila®, which we will put around the fingers and let it act all night, until the next morning.

Feet tired, with pains: It is surprising the relief you feel doing a foot massage using Pure Aloe Gel Penca Zábila®. It is also very good to put your feet in hot water and massage your feet with Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila®. It produces a revitalizing effect.

Muscle aches, sprains and painful joints: Aloe is a pain inhibitor. When applied to the skin, it is absorbed directly by the blood through the cells, which causes it to relieve pain quickly. It can be applied frequently with or without heat. We have to make sure that the surface is clean. The remedy is to apply Pure Aloe Gel Penca Zábila® on the painful area for as long as possible.

Deodorant: One of the many properties of Aloe Vera is to absorb and reduce body odor. In this sense it is not as potent as modern modern deodorants, but neither is it so caustic. It is for those people, who are allergic or looking for a natural alternative. Apply Aloe Puro Penca Zábila® in Gel

Headache, sinusitis: We will massage the forehead with pure Aloe Vera in Gel of Penca Zábila®, gently and let it act for a few minutes. We can also soak a gauze with Aloe in Gel and leave it on the forehead. If the headache is caused by sinusitis pressure, then the fabric or gauze should cover the nasal area.

Painful nerves: Another surprising benefit is the restoration of sensitivity in the skin, where a sore nerve has produced numbness. The daily application of Pure Aloe in Gel Penca Zábila® completely restores the sensation in two or three months, even in cases of loss of sensitivity years ago, responds favorably to a treatment maintained for a few months.

Childhood diseases: Varicella and Rubella heal faster and have less itching by applying the Pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel to the affected area. It also decreases measles itching. In any treatment where alcohol is recommended, aloe can be used as a substitute, because it is a good disinfectant and does not produce stinging.

Fever: To help lower the fever, we will rub the nape, the forehead and the sole of the feet with Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Penca Zábila

Hair and scalp:

Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe in Gel can be used as a tonic, fixer and conditioner, with remarkable results for both the hair and the scalp. Diseases of the scalp, such as fat and dandruff, can be treated directly with Aloe.

It is one of the best natural sources for maintaining healthy hair:

Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Vera contains hundreds of healing qualities that make hair regenerate in a remarkable way. It cleans the hair and also conditions it in a totally natural way. It gives brightness and ease to handle or comb it.
Treatment to stop hair loss:

First moisten the hair and wash it. After the bath, remove the excess water with a cloth (towel) and then apply the Pure Aloe in Penca Zábila® Gel to your hair and let it act for approximately 15 or 20 minutes. During this time your hair and scalp will absorb the gel. Finally rinse the hair well with warm or cold water. Repeat the treatment at least 2-3 times per week.

Alternatively, Pure Aloe in Juice Penca Zábila® applied as a hair tonic with a gentle massage once a day, preferably at night, promotes the health of your hair.

The second month of using this treatment your hair will start to grow much more than usual and to look healthier, brighter and easier to comb.

Aloe Vera combats hair loss by stimulating its growth.

Penca Zábila® Pure Aloe Vera contains innumerable healing qualities that make hair regenerate in a remarkable way. It cleans the hair and also conditions it in a totally natural way. It gives brightness and ease to handle or comb it.

pure canary Aloe vera

Oral hygiene:

The treatment of the mouth with Aloe is very good to remedy bleeding and swollen gums. It lightens toothache and reduces phlegmons. It is also preventive of caries and protects from the aggressive elements that wear-over time-the enamel of the teeth.
Mouth diseases such as cold sores or aphthae can also be treated by gargling with Pure Aloe Vera Juice from Penca Zábila®.


Pure Aloe Juice is something bitter and its sensation when drinking it, lasts approximately a couple of minutes, that is how all its richness is absorbed, but if it does not please you, then mix it with any kind of fruit juice.
It is not advisable to drink Aloe during the pregnancy period, since it is astringent and its ingestion is not recommended in children under 10 years of age.
It should be noted that consistency is essential to obtain good results. In long internal treatment (osteoporosis, psoriasis, diabetes, ...) it is advisable, after each month of ingestion of Pure Aloe Vera Juice from Penca Zábila, to rest a week for the body to assimilate the effects.