Aloe Vera Plants

Knowing more aloe vera plants

Aloe vera plants are succulent, that is, equipped with a water storage capacity in much larger quantities than the rest of the plants.This makes it possess a series of extraordinary properties, and from which you can also benefit.

It is a plant with bush morphology, that is, with the stem covered with robust leaves, with an approximate height of between 40 and 50 cm high and around 5 cm wide each, counting each plant withan average of 20 sheets.

Aloe Vera, our friend at home

It is increasingly common to have an aloe vera plant at home.And it is not surprising, since it is a plant suitable for even the most inexperienced when it comes to care, since they simply require exposure to the sun (without light very few plants are in optimal conditions) and very occasionallysome water, telling us that you are thirsty when you wrinkle your leaves.For this reason, we talk about an ideal plant even for the most travelers who leave the home heat for long periods.They are very sensitive to cold and excess humidity, so they are ideal for the heat of the living room.

Main uses of aloe

Given its peculiarities, it is surprising to discover the amount of benefits and treatments that we can perform with an aloe vera plant.From medicinal and cosmetic use to food in some places.

To highlight some of them:

1. Treatment of skin problems
2. Strengthen our hair
3. Treat burners, solar, chemical, electrical and fire
4. Reduce cholesterol and blood sugars
5. Gastric and intestinal problems
6. Detoxify the body
7. Regenerate tissues
8. Antitumor
9. High nutrition

In everyday life, in addition to enjoying its beauty, they can help you in many ways.For example, rubbing the pulp at a point of pain, applying it on blisters or irritated skin, using it on mouth sores, rubbing on gums and teeth for whitening and even as after sun.

It is amazing how much this wonderful and robust plant can give us.


Tenerife aloe vera planta


Due to its characteristics, little care required and multiple uses, it can be said that aloe vera is a unique plant, which can help make our daily life more bearable and demanding very little in return.

Obviously, having an aloe vera zabila plant is a good idea;In addition to its beautiful aesthetics and easy care, it can bring us many natural benefits.

Although it seems incredible, it is a great little pharmacy in our home.If you are thinking of giving a green color to your home, do not hesitate, choose aloe vera zabila and you will take home much more than a plant;You will lead life and health.