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Penca Zabila, the most modern Aloe Vera Factory in Europe.

Penca Zabila has the most modern factory in Europe for Aloe Vera processing and has the most advanced industrial technology at their disposition. Among other advantages it has exclusive access to a tunnel for continuous Cold Processing without AIR throughout all production cycles, which allows obtain fresh pure Aloe Vera free of bacteria and without contact with AIR, for a unique worldwide quality.

As our 100% Organic farms, also Penca Zábila have Industry Organic Certificated to comply with all requirements of development and ecological composition imposed. This dual classification Ecological Farms + Ecological Industry, gives our products a special added value because it certifies that the whole process has been developed under rules 100% Eco-Friendly, from cultivation, composition to final packaging, ensuring that Aloe Penca is the real Organic European Aloe Vera. 

 Always the latest technology to preserve our Aloe in its pure origin.

Aloe Vera packagingthat incorporate silicone valves to prevent the entry of oxygen, maintaining the quality of our aloe until the end of its consumption. Aloe Vera w/o AIR to preserve the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients and release each day the best Fresh Aloe Vera. AirFresh boxes to conserve our plants without soil for months, Dispensing siicone valves, …



The PENCA ZABILA complete AIRLESS COLD TUNNEL process and the subsequent stabilization of the juice of the leaf with the minimum amounts of natural additives, ensure the permanence of the active principles of the fresh Aloe plant. The Penca Zábila industrial process is subject to the strictest standards of European Manufacturing

Aloe Vera leaves cutting on farms:

In Fasnia, Tenerife, under the Teide, are located our PENCA ZABILA farms, 100% organic Aloe Vera crop. In them, the Aloe Vera leaves are ready to be harvested when they exceed 700 g. And they measure more than 60 cm. Long. They should be cut at a point near the base of the plant that is high enough to keep intact the immature Aloe leaves that are in the inner part. Three or four leaves of Aloe Vera are removed in each cut, the rest are left in the plant. The leaves that are cut are always the closest to the ground since these are the oldest ones and those that also concentrate more amount of active principles.
When harvest Aloe will not be watered for eight or ten days before cutting, this process, which helps the healing ingredients are more concentrated. Once separated from Aloe plants, the leaves are collected in plastic boxes of ten kilos of capacity, which are placed on the edge of the stonecut from where they are transferred to the main road of the farm, and from there, as soon as possible, to The processing room.

It is important that this whole process is carried out as quickly as possible, since the aloe vera leaves, begin to rust and lose their properties immediately after being cut, so it is vital, to get a high quality product, thoroughness At the time of collection, hygiene and speed to move the harvested product to the processing plant.

Aloe Vera Wash:

Once our raw material is transported to the processing factory, and as soon as possible, all the leaves of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller are introduced in pools of cold water where they remain for 24 hours. This process serves to clean the leaves externally of all the natural impurities of a farm, and internally to remove from the leaves all the aloin.


Cut, Peeled and Crushed Aloe Vera Leaves:

After the cleaning, the operators select the leaves of Aloe to which immediately, the lateral peaks and the base are eliminated. This operation is carried out with a system of blades specially designed for this purpose and placed before the peeling machine.


Once the peaks and base of the Aloe leaf are removed, it is introduced into the peeling machine, whose mission is to remove the hard bark from the leaves and get a clean file of aloe vera pulp that immediately falls into the crusher machine where the Larger pieces of pulp are converted into smaller ones that can begin their homogenization.


At this point it is fundamental to introduce the cold chain, as soon as the Aloe Vera leaf is introduced into the peeler, we begin to work at 5ºC, necessary to paralyze the oxidation, the temperature is kept low throughout the following process, ensuring a product Finished of the highest quality. This cold is achieved with the tubular cooling tunnel connected to the crusher hopper, and where all the crushed product will circulate, cooling its temperature until the end of the processing. All the elaboration process is carried out in our exclusive AIR-FREE COLD tunnel Penca Zábila® that allows to obtain a fresh Pure Aloe free of bacteria and without contact with the air, and therefore of a unique quality in the world

Aloe Vera Homogenization:

This is the key point of our processing chain, since it is here where the definitive product is elaborated and where the necessary reagents are added for its attainment. Once past the initial process of crushing and chilling, the pieces of pulp are still too large and what we are looking for in obtaining a pure juice of aloe vera, to get it we must continue to crush our product. In the machine of homogenizado the product remains the necessary time to get that all the pulp has lost its consistency and it forms a kind of gel to which we add the necessary products to avoid its oxidation and to increase its conservation, in our case this is the Add preservatives.


When the product is homogenized, it is transferred by means of a helical pump through the tubular cold tunnel to the regulating tanks. These pumps are specially designed for the movement of very thick fluids and are the most suitable for our processing line.


PENCA ZABILA ® is scientifically certified as 'The Best Aloe Vera in the World' according to the Spectral Laboratory of Cologne in Germany, the most prestigious laboratory in Europe specializing in Aloe Vera.

Regulatory Aloe Deposits:


After homogenization, our product is sent through the helical pump to the regulating reservoirs, the process continues when the regulator tanks are full, at which time we transfer our juice to the filtering machine by means of another helical pump.

Filtering and Packaging:


This process is one of the most delicate in the chain. With it, we get a thinner or thicker product depending on what is required in the order. To achieve this we increase or decrease the number of filter plates that are placed in the filter press. This process removes most of the fibers from aloe vera, which can be obtained from a very fluid liquid to a much thicker. From here our final product is transferred to the launch tanks to the fillers where they are kept in the cold until the final packaging.


Strengthens the immune system

Regulates and accelerates metabolism

Removes toxins from the body

Antiseptic properties

Disinfectant effect

Stimulates cell regeneration

Anti tumor


ALOE VERA PENCA ZÁBILA®, To only three tenths of the nature

Contact Us

  • Highway Los Roques, 45 38358 - Fasnia. Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain
  • www.pencazabila.net
  • info@pencazabila.net


The Penca Zabila Aloe Vera keys are found in the unique conditions of the Penca Zabila farms where Aloe is produced in the south-east of Tenerife: Volcanic lands from Teide at an altitude of 200 m, Dominant hards north-easterly Winds, influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the unique Microclimate which allows growth the best Aloe Vera in the world, the pure Aloe Vera PENCA ZABILA, scientifically certified.


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Aloe Vera Puro Fresco

Penca Zabila – es una marca altamente reconocida que produce en Canarias productos naturales de Aloe Vera para la salud y la belleza. En nuestra página web pueden comprar online:

  • Jugo Aloe Vera

  • SuperAlimentos de Aloe Vera

  • Gel Crema Aloe Vera

  • Plantas vivas y hojas Aloe Vera

Nuestro objetivo principal es el cultivo, producción y venta del Aloe Vera de Canarias a nivel nacional e internacional para que usted y su familia puedan adquirir productos de Aloe Vera puro, fresco, natural y ecológico con un solo clic.

Nuestros productos de Aloe Vera les ayudarán a conservar la energía vital y belleza a cualquier edad. Se recomienda consumir el jugo de esta planta como un suplemento dietético incluso en personas completamente sanas para mantener su organismo tonificado, sus células en contínua regeneración y sus defensas al máximo nivel. Las personas que padecen distintas enfermedades pueden usar el jugo de Aloe como un imprescindible complemento a su tratamiento principal.  

Esta suculenta planta es la más demandada en cosmética. En nuestra página web pueden adquirir un gel puro natural fresco de Aloe, la verdadera crema de Aloe Vera de Canarias. Estos productos son absorbidos rápidamente por la piel, la hidratan, sanan y rejuvenecen. Cada envase contiene un 99,7% de materia prima orgánica fresca no pasteurizada, a tan solo un 3 décimas de la naturaleza.

¿Por qué comprar Aloe de Canarias?

No por casualidad nuestras plantaciones y fábrica se encuentran en Fasnia, en el sureste de Tenerife, donde un microclima único favorece el cultivo de Aloe Vera, autóctono de estas latitudes. Aquí las plantas llegan a ser verdaderamente curativas y usted no tendrá que ir a por ellas a miles de kilómetros de distancia. Estamos preparados para enviarle hoy mismo, Jugo de Aloe, Gel de Aloe, Superalimentos de Aloe, Hojas frescas y Plantas vivas de Aloe Barbadensis Miller Canariensis desde nuestra plantación. El embalaje especial de las plantas las mantiene frescas durante meses. Por eso incluso después del viaje a través del océano estarán repletas de principios activos y nutrientes. ¡Pidan Aloe Vera de Canarias online con entrega a domicilio GRATIS en www.PencaZabila.net!

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