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Aloe vera for hemorrhoids: How to use it to cure them?

Aloe vera for hemorrhoids: How to use it to cure them?

Do you think you have hemorrhoids? If so, you should be looking for an effective solution to leave behind the pain caused by this disease. One of the best home remedies is aloe vera for hemorrhoids. With this plant you can say goodbye to all the inconveniences that prevent you from enjoying your day to day.

In Penca Zábila we are going to explain how you can treat a problem as serious as piles or hemorrhoids. Before knowing the remedy you must know what this ailment consists of.

What are hemorrhoids or piles?

Hemorrhoids are dilated swollen veins in the anus or lower rectum. This condition can be caused by various factors: having a low fiber diet, drinking little water, suffering from diarrhea or constipation or making efforts during bowel movements.

We can find two types of hemorrhoids:

  1. Internal hemorrhoids: they bleed during deposition, but they are not painful unless they are accompanied by hemorrhoidal thrombosis.
  2. External hemorrhoids: they produce pain in the anus, do not bleed and, in most cases, accompany the internal piles.

Hemorrhoid symptoms

The most frequent symptoms are:

  • Bleeding after defecation In most cases it does not produce pain and is scarce.
  • Mucus secretion that belongs to the anal mucosa. Causes irritation, itching or burning.
  • Pain when hemorrhoids are external.
  • Hemorrhoids leave the inside of the anus and create a lump. It is very difficult to introduce them again.

Is aloe vera good for hemorrhoids?

El aloe vera para almorranas

It is well known that aloe vera has many very beneficial properties for health. Aloe vera gel acts as a healing agent and helps deflate all types of skin wounds, including minor burns. But how will aloe vera help you with hemorrhoids?

Aloe vera for almorranas accelerates the healing process of the swollen area thanks to its regenerative, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Using aloe vera for external hemorrhoids helps you fight the pain of this disease thanks to the calming properties of this plant.

To benefit from the regenerative and healing properties if your hemorrhoids are bleeding or internal, it is ideal that you apply a pure Aloe Vera Gel externally on the affected area and suppositories made with fresh natural aloe vera pulp internally for greater effectiveness.

Home remedies with aloe vera for hemorrhoids

We explain some very easy home remedies to combat hemorrhoids with the help of aloe.

Aloe Vera gel for hemorrhoids

Aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids should be applied gently to the anus four times a day for at least a week. We recommend using a cotton swab to avoid damaging yourself while applying the gel on the affected area.

To prepare this remedy you will need a tablespoon of pure aloe vera gel and two drops of lavender or cypress essential oil (they are the best anti-inflammatory and soothing). Apply the two drops of the essential oil you have chosen and mix the two products until you see a homogeneous preparation. Finally, put the gel in the fridge for 30 minutes.

The preparation should be fresh when we apply it. Therefore, it is advisable to start using it the same day.

Aloe Vera juice for hemorrhoids

This remedy will help you deflate and cure hemorrhoids with aloe vera. To have better results you must complement it using the gel. This aloe vera juice for hemorrhoids helps to strengthen, reduce inflammation and promote the regeneration of intestinal flora. This prevents constipation, which can make the piles worse.

For this preparation you will need half a glass or 100 ml of water, a tablespoon or 15 grams of aloe vera gel and a green apple. Instead of water and gel you can use our pure and fresh aloe vera juice.

Blend the apple with 100 ml of water or with aloe vera juice. If you used water and not the juice you should boil the mixture and add the spoon of aloe gel. When you see that the preparation is homogeneous, remove it from the heat and let it cool.

Do not go to put the juice in the fridge, because the ideal is to drink it every morning at room temperature. In this way, the intestine will receive the drink better, since it will not be too cold or hot, thus enhancing its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties.

Prepare your suppositories of aloe vera for hemorrhoids.

aloe vera para hemorroides

Creating suppositories of aloe vera for hemorrhoids is very simple. For this you need to extract the pulp from the aloe. The easiest way to do this is by first cutting the tips of the side parts of the fresh aloe vera leaf. Then peel the leaf and scoop the aloe vera gel with a spoon.

After you have removed the pulp of aloe, you should mix it with a little mineral water. When the mixture is homogeneous, you must put it in a bullet shaped mold and let it freeze.

Once it is well frozen, remove it and wait for a prudent time until the suppository is about to melt to avoid damaging you. After waiting, you must remove the suppository from the mold and place it in the affected area.

We recommend that when you carry out this remedy you sit for a long time. In this way, the preparation will remain the time necessary for aloe vera to penetrate the hemorrhoids.

If you are looking for a place to buy juice or aloe gel and fresh aloe leaves to make natural aloe vera remedies for hemorrhoids at home, we invite you to visit our online store.

In our manufacturing and packaging process we make sure that aloe vera does not rust and remains fresh all the time thanks to our air-free integral cold tunnel. Our products are pure and fresh so you can make the most of the properties of this wonderful plant.

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