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Aloe Vera Juice Penca Zabila 300 ml - 99,7%
5.00/5 - 13 Opiniones

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8,50 €

Aloe Vera Juice 300 ml

  • Aloe Vera Pure Fresh Juice
  • Net content: 300 ml
  • Pure Aloe Vera: 99.7%
  • Fresh Aloe Leaves: 810 grams 
  • Aloe without Air: Integral Processing Cold Airless Tunnel
  • Ecological Cultivation: Certified CRAE 1928F
  • Maximum Active Principles: 2884 ppm · 23,3% Acemannane
  • Health Food Registration: nº 21.25696 / TF
  • Airless valve and Anti-drip dispenser

aloe vera juice penca zabila canarias

Aloe Vera Juice 300 ml

  • Pure Aloe Vera: 99.7% of total content of fresh Aloe. Only 0.3% of preservatives, only 3 tenths of nature.
  • Fresh Aloe Vera: Elaborated with 810 grms. of Fresh Canarian Aloe Vera leaves Barbadensis Miller Canariensis.
  • Aloe Without Air: Integral Processing in Air-Free Cold Tunnel (Exclusive Worldwide Technology Penca Zábila ®) Aloe without contamination, or oxidation, unique in the world.
  • Aloin free: Triple extraction process: decantation, immersion and filtration (<10 p.p.m.)
  • Ecological Cultivation: 100% Ecological cultivation certified nº CRAE 1928F.
  • Ecological Industry: CRAE 1929I.
  • Health Food Registry: nº 21.25696/TF
  • Maximum Active Principles 1: 2884 ppm Acemannane. Best World Aloe Vera · Kölhn Spectral Laboratory in Germany.
  • Maximum Active Principles 2: 23.3% of Acemannan of the total solids · Atlantic Medicinal Center.
  • Airless Valve: It prevents the entry of Air and preserves intact the qualities of Aloe until the end of its consumption.
  • Anti-drip valve bottle
  • Shelf life: 18 months from packaging. Once opened consume in 3 months.
  • Net content: 300 ml
  • Ingredients: Fresh Pure Aloe Vera 99.7% and preservatives and thickener remaining 0.3% containing: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, natural citric acid, potassium sorbate and potassium meta bisulfite.

Certificados y Sellos de Calidad

Pure Fresh Aloe Vera Juice Penca Zabila

Scientific analyzes performed by the German laboratory Spectral S. Laboratorium fur Auftragsanalytik from Cologne to Aloe Vera PENCA ZÁBILA® qualify as THE BEST WORLD ALOE VERA for having obtained 2884 p.p.m. of Acemannane.

Also the new scientific analyzes made by the Atlantic Center of the Medicine to Aloe PENCA ZÁBILA® have shown again that with an Acemanano content of 23.3% of the total solids, we are faced with an unusual concentration, so it is confirmed once again that PENCA ZÁBILA® is one of the best in the world, scientifically proven.

The keys are found in the unique conditions of our production  aloe vera farms in Fasnia to the southeast of Tenerife: Volcanic Lands of Great Altitude under El Teide, Alisios dominant winds, the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and a unique Microclimate that they have allowed in combination with the most Advanced manufacturing technology of AIR-FREE COLD TUNNEL, exclusive worldwide PENCA ZÁBILA®, create the best Aloe on the planet, Pure Aloe Vera PENCA ZÁBILA®.

Our Aloe Vera PENCA ZABILA is FRESH PURE CANARY ALOE VERA Barbadensis Miller, PURE ALOE 99.7% only to 3 tenths of the nature, 100% ECOLOGICAL cultivation certified and PROCESSED IN COLD WITHOUT AIR (exclusive technology worldwide PENCA ZÁBILA).


How to use Aloe Vera Juice:

For internal use. We recommend drink 25 ml of juice twice times a day, fasting on waking and again before bedtime. Concentrate better or else diluted fruit juice. Once opened keep in fridge.

Traditional Aloe Vera Benefits of Internal Application:

  • Anti tumor and Cell Regenerator (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, Press Release 12.9.2012)
  • It activates and detoxifies the body, producing a total improvement of health.
  • Anti-aging by stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen compensating for its loss with age.It regulates the thyroid gland.
  • Stomach disorders, heartburn and indigestion.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Irritable bowel, gastritis and ulcer.
  • Colitis and hemorrhoids.
  • Cirrhosis, hepatitis, Kidney infections.
  • Problems of the mouth, gums and throat.
  • Hair loss.
  • Migraines and combats stress, depression and states of anxiety or tiredness
  • Urinary tract and prostate.
  • Headache, sinusitis and painful nerves.
  • It fights osteoporosis.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It regulates the thyroid gland.
  • Emulsifies cholesterol, cleanses and purifies blood and liver.
  • Diabetes by reducing sugars in the blood.
  • It activates the circulation of the body, Varices and Phlebitis.
  • Pain reliever relieving chronic pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

It is pure Aloe juice extracted directly from the plant.


Its active ingredients are suitable for people with ulcers, heartburn, stomach disorders, etc.. Stimulates the immune system and increases resistance. Aids digestion, nutrient absorption and intestinal transit.

Jugo Aoe Vera Penca Zabila Puro Fresco 300 ml

Reviews (13)

S Florina

Único por su pureza

Muy contenta con su calidad, es un producto unico por su pureza. Y estoy más que convencida que tendrá un muy buen efecto, porque ya veo la mejoría de mi salud.

G Jose Antonio

Calidad muy buena y Gran servicio

Calidad muy buena. Gran servicio y atención al cliente. Es el segundo pedido y seguiré comprando . Gracias.

S Antonio

El mejor Aloe que he probado nunca

Muy bien el pedido: rápido y seguro.
Despues de llevar más de 10 años utilizando aloe - siempre de marcas de calidad y reconocidas-, puedo decir que es el mejor que he probado nunca. Con otras marcas, después de un tiempo en la cara me producían rojez y alguna molestia en la piel pero con éste ningún problema. Con los jugos se nota a simple vista su gran calidad y que es auténtico aloe fresco y luego lo bien que me sientan para mis problemas gástricos e intestinales. "mano de santo". Sin duda el mejor aloe vera que he probado nunca. Lo recomiendo 100%

V Francisco

Completamente Satisfecho

Estoy completamente satisfecho con el producto, es de calidad y el envío fue rápido.

S Sandra

Love this products

Love this product. The juice and the Gel. part of my life for the past 25 years. Thank you.

S Antonio

Auténtico Aloe fresco puro

Muchos años usando aloe vera Penca Zabila porque se que es verdadero aloe vera fresco y puro, es como si tu mismo exprimieras la propia planta, el olor, la apariencia, su efectividad, .... son inconfundibles. Es muy difícil encontrar hoy en día un aloe de verdad como este, que no esté elaborado con polvos chinos mezclados con agua, por eso solo uso esta marca

N José Miguel


Compro la botella de litro de jugo, también en gel y estoy encantado. Muy buena calidad y servicio. Me regalaron este jugo por la compra de otros productos, todo un detalle por su parte. Gracias por todo.

C Alfonso

El mejor aloe con diferencia

Lo consumo hace 12 años y su calidad, frescura y pureza son realmente únicas. Este es verdadero Aloe Vera fresco puro, no como la inmensa mayoría de marcas que los hacen con polvos y agua. El servicio es impecable siempre. Lo recomiendo absolutamente.

Q Lorena

Muy buena calidad, lo recomiendo

Estoy muy contenta, muy buena calidad, lo recomiendo

V Jose Mª

Muy bueno

Muy bueno

A Joan Francesc

Producto muy bueno y eficaz

Producto muy bueno y eficaz con todas sus propiedades para la salud. Lo recomiendo...Ya os iré contando.

S Antonio

una maravilla de aloe vera

La calidad es realmente extraordinaria, nunca había probado Aloe tan fantástico. Les felicito por su profesionalidad para ofrecer esta maravilla de Aloe Vera. Muchas gracias.

V Arantza



Sólo los usuarios que ya han comprado el producto pueden agregar opinión.

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  • Highway Los Roques, 45 38358 - Fasnia. Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain


Penca Zabila - is a highly recognized brand that produces natural Aloe Vera products for health and beauty in the Canary Islands. On our website you can buy online:

Plants & leaves

Our main objective is the cultivation, production and sale of Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands nationally and internationally so that you and your family can acquire products of pure, fresh, natural and ecological Aloe Vera with a single click.

Our Aloe Vera products will help you conserve vital energy and beauty at any age. It is recommended to consume the juice of this plant as a dietary supplement even in completely healthy people to maintain their toned organism, their cells in continuous regeneration and their defenses at the highest level. People suffering from different diseases can use Aloe juice as an essential complement to their main treatment.
This succulent plant is the most demanded in cosmetics. On our website you can buy a fresh natural pure gel of Aloe, the true cream of Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands. These products are quickly absorbed by the skin, hydrate, heal and rejuvenate. Each package contains 99.7% of unpasteurized fresh organic raw material, only 3 tenths of the nature.

Why buy Aloe from the Canary Islands?

Not by chance our plantations and factory are located in Fasnia, in the southeast of Tenerife, where a unique microclimate favors the cultivation of Aloe Vera, indigenous to these latitudes. Here the plants become truly healing and you will not have to go for them thousands of miles away. We are ready to send you today, Aloe Juice, Aloe Gel, Aloe Superfoods, Fresh Leaves and Live Plants of Aloe Barbadensis Miller Canariensis from our plantation. The special packing of the plants keeps them fresh for months. That is why even after the trip through the ocean they will be full of active ingredients and nutrients. Order Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands online with FREE delivery at!



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Aloe Vera Juice Penca Zabila 300 ml - 99,7%
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